What’s Happening

So I properly finished my HND course this week, or rather I finished last week but now that I’ve done the rounds with wine and cards for my lecturers I finally feel like I’ve finished. 

So now that that’s over with I ordered the “Head First C#” book from O’Reilly so I can start learning that. I’ve also been planning a series of new web applications and will be starting work on a new personal website tomorrow. 

Quite looking forward to what lies ahead.

Plans, Plots and Programming

In this inaugural post I just want to cover the basic purpose of this blog; although that should be relatively obvious from the title. One would hope, anyway. 

The essence of it is that I’m about to finish two years of intensive study and I feel like I still need somewhere to put my thoughts. I am currently a student of HND Computing and Systems development in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. I am soon to be a student of BA Hons Applied Computing at Newcastle College. 

Over the summer I have a range of different projects that I want to work on to keep myself sharp for going to uni; I’ll be using this blog to write about those projects. 

Main Aim

The main thing that I want to achieve over the summer is a level of competency with the C# programming language in the .NET environment. So far in college I’ve only covered VB.NET and some Java but C# seems to be the language of choice for university courses so I’m going to have to learn it. 

In order to achieve this I am going to work towards re-writing my project (see storg.co.uk) and my game from this year in C#. Being able to do that would mean that I would have a pretty good command of the language.

Yet There’s More

As well as those rewrites, I have a few more basic program ideas that I want to develop in C# as I’m learning, these are a simple note taking app and a personal inventory system for keeping track of all the DVDs, CDs etc that you have. 

Depending on how long any of this takes I also want to develop these things as both desktop applications and Windows Phone 8 apps. In particular I would be keen to learn XNA with C# to develop a mobile or desktop game. Ultimately all of this is going to come down to how long it takes me to pick up C#, but I’m hoping that with a good grounding in VB.NET I’ll be able to adapt quite quickly. 

As Things Stand

I still have a few weeks of college left so it is unlikely that I’ll be posting again before then. So, see you then.